The Denver Urban Builders Build Process

At Denver Urban Builders we pride ourselves on being start to finish builders, that means we are with you to help every step of the way. Once you have decided to work with us, we can help you find the perfect property for your home. We have realtors on staff that can keep a close eye on the market for exactly what you are looking for. Our experienced General Contractor, Engineer and Architect will all listen to your ideas to come together and create plans for the project. Plans are crucial to creating an accurate estimate, during this phase we will have our contractors and GC give estimates on each line item from the ground up. After receiving your approval of the budget, a signed contract and stamped plans, the plans will be submitted to your local building department for Zoning/SUDP/Building permit approval by our team.

The Denver Urban Builders Build ProcessOur contract will outline all details of the planned work, including the budget, timeline, payment schedule, contractor fees, lien waivers and complaint/dispute etc.

Land title and Permits in hand, we can begin scheduling soil tests, sewer scope, scrape or excavation as needed to begin the building process. Followed by: Foundation, Framing, rough electrical/plumbing/HVAC, exterior windows, doors, trim, soffit, fascia and roof. Our team will then move to the interior to hang drywall, cabinets, interior trim, paint, floors, tile and interior trim. The final phase will be hanging all plumbing/electrical fixtures, install countertops, landscaping and final punch list items.

Our goal is to always satisfy our client with a beautiful finished product that stays within their budget. If you have any additional questions regarding our process, reach out to us. We are always happy to help.