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Bathroom Remodels

Although smaller than most rooms of the house, the bathroom certainly gets a lot of traffic throughout the day and through the night as well. Since individuals spend so much time in their bathrooms, it makes sound practical sense to undergo a bathroom remodel to create the exact bathroom space of your dreams. Denver Urban Builders are here to walk you through the entire assessment, design and build process.

Our bathroom remodeling experts can assess your current home bathroom to determine what the client likes about the space and what the clients would love to change. This assessment can be invaluable when planning the actual remodeling work steps to achieve each client’s own preferred makeover retreat space.

Bathroom Remodels Gallery

At Denver Urban Builders, we have a great deal of experience remodeling bathrooms in the Denver metro area. Please scroll through our Bathroom Remodels photo gallery below. To view our entire work gallery, click here.

Bathroom Remodels

Why Remodel Your Bathroom?

There are a number of reasons why a homeowner would want to remodel their bathroom. Upgrading an old and darkened bathroom area can instantly transform a dreary space into a magnificent and tranquil oasis to escape to when life’s stressful situations get too much to bear.

Some common advantages for bathroom remodels include:

  • Increase Spacious Look & Feel for smaller baths
  • Add Personalized Bathroom Storage Spots
  • Upgrade Older Bath Fixtures & Features
  • Better Utilize the Available Space
  • Increase Overall Home Value
  • Make the Bath More Attractive
  • Add Luxury Features for Ultra Pampering
  • Fix Humidity Problems in the bath
  • Add More Light
  • Install Bathroom Safety Features for young kids and seniors
  • Create a Cohesive Design between Kitchen and Baths or Nearby Spaces
  • Make a Custom Bedroom Master Bath

At Denver Urban Builders, we have your bathroom needs covered. Before embarking on any bathroom remodeling project, our team will first listen carefully to what the client wants. Then, the design phase begins, and this is when clients choose their favorite custom features, pick their color schemes and select from a wide variety of gorgeous building materials. Everything will then be entered into a diagram that depicts the end results.

For smaller bathroom spaces, some items might need scaled down in size for the proper fit. Adding more glass and mirrors in the bath can give the illusion of a more spacious and airy room even if the dimensions are on the small side.

Our Work Portfolio

At Denver Urban Builders, we deliver custom homes, new additions, and cherished spaces to families all over the Denver metro area. Explore a few of our highlighted projects demonstrating our well-rounded skills and expertise.

Bathroom Remodels

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, our team works diligently to provide clients with realistic cost expectations during the design phase to keep under budget.

Our team of experts include experienced plumbers who are able to fix many existing plumbing problems during the project.

Time lengths vary depending on various factors and will be discussed before the work begins.