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Mudroom Additions

Mudroom additions are fast becoming a hot topic in the construction realm. More homeowners are taking a tried and true trend from yesterday and bringing it up into a more modern design style. Mudrooms effectively bridge the interior spaces of the home with the great outdoors. This in-between spot is where everyone should pause to shed their boots, shoes, coats, hats and other outerwear.

Building a custom mudroom addition can help to meet the exact needs of the individual or family ordering the work. The mudrooms of today are far more eye-pleasing than those of a bygone generation. Clients have trusted us at Denver Urban Builders to design and build the perfect mudroom addition that best meets the client’s specific needs. There are a number of factors to consider when designing a mudroom addition.

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Mudroom Additions

Why Add a Mudroom?

When the weather outside becomes frightful, sometimes your home’s indoor floors and carpets do too. Dirt, mud, grime, leaves and water get tracked inside even when everyone is attempting to keep the floor clean and dry. Small pieces of gravel and other debris can become lodged in the soles of shoes, and these sharp objects can damage or scratch expensive hardwood floors, tiles or pristine carpets.

Adding a carefully designed mudroom addition could be your ideal and long-awaited solution for keeping indoor floors safe, clean and dry. Customize your mudroom space to best ensure that your mudroom works for your individualized requirements.

Some factors to consider before designing a mudroom addition include:

  • How Big is the Space
  • Condition of the Outside Grounds
  • Water Resistant Bench and/or Floor Protection In Mudroom
  • Number of Coats & Other Attire or Accessories Expected Regularly
  • Whether a Closet for Coats Is Present

  • Storage Solutions at Entryway or Mudroom
  • Shoe Rack and/or Thick Rubber Mat for Wet Footwear to Dry
  • Place for Hanging Hats, Scarves, Coats & More by Hooks or Shelves
  • Location of Mudroom Addition
  • Close to Laundry Area if Possible

Mudrooms today can be large, small or just right in size. They can include luxury features like a sitting area, sink, heated shoe racks or floorboards and other amenities. These mudrooms can also be simpler with baskets, bins, shelves or hooks to place backpacks, keys and other essentials safely.

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Mudroom Additions

Frequently Asked Questions

Stand-alone wardrobes, shelves and narrow cabinets can do the trick too. Often, the mudroom addition is a separate structure thereby adding the necessary space.

Ideally, the mudroom should be located near a side or backdoor entrance. Try to keep it away from living areas that are carpeted or made of hardwood.

Costs vary depending on size, materials, labor and other factors.