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Denver Urban Builders turn visions into realities. We are a fully licensed and insured construction company specializing in high-end custom homes and interior/exterior remodels and additions. At DUB, we start each project with an open mind to achieve the clients vision. Our development team will assist with finding the perfect property, create custom plans, and execute the project in mind. Our attention to detail and high standard of quality truly sets us apart from the rest. Learn more about our services.

Our business revolves around customer satisfaction through understanding client goals and building trust. Our management team works directly with you, architects and engineers to create a clear plan and budget that fits your needs. Throughout the project, we work with you and our trusted vendors and contractors to create a space we are all proud of. The DUB crew consists of skilled project managers and craftsmen that bring a broad range of experience and expertise to the table. We choose to pair with contractors and vendors who are reliable, professional & carry high-quality products for our work. We pride ourselves on transparency of services and believe the customer should be involved with each step of the planning and budgeting process.

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Custom Home New Construction

Denver Urban Builders are ready to build your ideal dream home at reasonable costs using premium building…

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Denver Urban Builders - Header - Single-Family Home Remodels (1)

Single-Family Home Remodels

Many homeowners want to stay in their current familiar homes but desire to change their living environments…

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Multiplex Remodels

Multiplex remodels can be far more of a challenge to builders than single family remodeling projects.…

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Pop Tops & Additions

Sometimes, homeowners become so comfortable in their current homes that they want to stay there forever. As…

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Denver Urban Builders - Header - Kitchen Remodels (1)

Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodels remain popular with homeowners from all walks of life and personalities. This type of home…

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Denver Urban Builders - Header - Bathroom Remodels (1)

Bathroom Remodels

Although smaller than most rooms of the house, the bathroom certainly gets a lot of traffic throughout the…

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Basement Finish Outs

Most homeowners desire more space at some point or another. Many homes have unfinished basements that…

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Mudroom Additions

Mudroom additions are fast becoming a hot topic in the construction realm. More homeowners are taking a tried…

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Denver Urban Builders - Header - Custom Closets (1)

Custom Closets

Closets today have come a long way from their beginning origins. In past generations, a small reach-in closet…

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Denver Custom Home Builders

Exterior Services & Garages

Denver Urban Builders delivers fast, top-quality and precision exterior services & garage related work. Our…

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